New Product Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo


The Dry Shampoo was first launched in the 1970’s and was introduced in the form of talcum powder. The purpose of dry Shampoo is to remove excess grease and oil from your hair therefore increasing the time period between washes. It is a product which is especially useful for ladies who lead busy and active lifestyles, which in modern times is almost every woman. It can also be used on different hair types -which is great for the multi ethnic society which we live in, where textures range from pin straight to curly.


Distributed by Oscar Francois Limited, the Batiste Dry Shampoo has hit the local market. Although not as popular locally, it has gained popularity internationally from beauty bloggers as one of the most raved about hair products of the year.


This product is sold in 5 different scents; Original, Blush, Cherry, Fresh and Tropical. The price of the 200ml ranges from $32 -$38 and the 50 ml travel size version ranges from $20- $23.


The product promises to revitalize hair and remove extra grease leaving hair clean and fresh with added body and texture. My interest in this product was primarily because of my workout schedule. I simply was not finding the time to wash my hair more than once a week but I still wanted my hair to feel and smell clean in between washes. I decided I will try the original scent and it used it for the first time after a week of workouts to ensure that it was going to be effective. If it could refresh my hair after a week of hectic workouts then I would be sold. The directions were simple:


1. Spray onto roots


2. Massage thoroughly with fingertips


3. Style

photo (2)


It also directs you to hold the can at least 30 cm away from your hair. This is an important instruction as it can affect how much product you actually spray onto your hair. You definitely do not need a heavy hand with this product. When you first use it, you will notice a powdery residue but this is why you need to massage the product in. Do not be alarmed, it disappears when you brush your hair. After massaging the product in, I brushed my hair thoroughly. I was pleasantly surprised by the instant results. The scent is also a very crisp, fresh scent and it is not overpowering. Not only was the scent of my hair pleasant but my hair was light and bouncy .The product absorbed all the excess oil and it looked like freshly washed hair. It no longer looked and felt limp or weighed down. This product is definite must for anyone who needs that quick fix in between washes or just needs to a quick refresh. I was sold and I cannot wait to try out the different scents.


The Batiste Dry Shampoo can be purchased at Yips Superstore, RED Edge Shopping Centre, Hair World ( Curepe) , Bhagan’s Drugs Price Plaza , Tobago Pharmacy and at the various Pennywise Cosmetics outlets nationwide.


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3 thoughts on “New Product Review: Batiste Dry Shampoo

  1. Great, I’m definitely stopping by Pennywise before the end of this week to try this Batiste Dry Shampoo…

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