The Beauty Sponge Review



The beauty sponge has revolutionized the way I apply my foundation. Now, there are different methods of applying foundation using tools such as brushes, cosmetic wedges or even fingers. The beauty sponge has trumped all these methods in my opinion, in terms of providing that flawless foundation application.

There are many brands of beauty sponges on the market including the market leader the” Beauty Blender”.


Beauty Blender Sponge Single


I’ve personally never tried the Beauty Blender because I am totally satisfied with the generic sponges,for half the price. The one brand I want to try is the Real Techniques beauty sponge ( which is available at Starlite Drugs for my Trinibagonian readers). This sponge has gotten amazing reviews from the social media sphere and I must admit I want to test it out for myself.



How to use the Beauty Sponge 

  1. Dampen your beauty sponge under running water 
  2. Squeeze excess water
  3. Place the necessary amount of foundation on the back of your hand
  4. Dip small amounts of foundation to your face at a time based on your desired coverage
  5. Gently pat your face with the sponge ,using the slimmer portions for the contours of your face (e.g nose bridge)
  6. Blend, Blend, Blend !


Blending is very important with any foundation application but because the beauty blender is such an innovative tool, although easy to use, can be used incorrectly.

Have you tried the beauty sponge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂


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One thought on “The Beauty Sponge Review

  1. I could not agree with you more! Beauty blenders apply your fountain and concealers flawlessly!!! Not to mention it cuts down application time.. I use the orginal beauty blender and generic brands. The texture between blenders varies however finishes are not significantly obvious. I am yet to try the real techniques blender, but like you I too got some rave reviews.

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