My Favourite Foundations

Hey beauties,

If I got a penny for every time I was asked what foundation I was wearing, let’s just say I’ll be able to buy all the makeup my heart desired lol. Finding that perfect foundation( especially for varied skin tones like us Caribbean girls ) is like finding true love to me. It delights your heart and makes you never want to let go. I’ve been fortunate to find 3 true loves (foundations) in my current lifetime. These are my “go to” foundations after much experimentation and epic failures. In no particular order, because I use them all for different reasons, here are my Top 3 favourite foundations.

1. Revlon Colourstay 24 hrs Combination/ Oily Skin


This foundation is the perfect everyday foundation but it can also be used as a staple foundation for someone who is now getting into makeup. The price ranges from $60 – $80 TTD depending on where you purchase it. It is lightweight but yet buildable for medium to full coverage. It promises to last for 24 hrs but I’ve honestly never worn foundation for such an extended period of time to know if that works. What I can say is that it leaves your skin with a matte finish and the different shades available are known to match your skin perfectly. This is a really great foundation, especially for the price.

2. L’oreal True Match


This is my “night, but not special occasion foundation.” This foundation also gives full coverage with a matte finish.The price range is similar to the Revlon Colorstay ( $60-$80 TTD). The shade matches my complexion well but not as perfect as the Colorstay, if that makes any sense.

3. M.A.C Studio Fix


This is my “special occasion” foundation. I was a bit skeptical about buying this foundation because it is pricey but I can honestly say it is worth it. I purchased this foundation directly from the MAC store last year and it was $250 TTD I believe. Yes it is expensive! It will however last a while and it will give you a flawless finish. A little also goes a long way, so there is no need to be heavy handed with this product. This foundation is also great for person’s with oily/combination skin as it controls shine.


“Mac’s Studio Fix Foundation applied with a beauty sponge”

What are your favorite foundations? Have you used any of my favourite foundations? Let me know your thoughts and comments below 🙂

Until next time



Stay tuned for next week’s post ” How I style my Wonderwall TT pieces”



3 thoughts on “My Favourite Foundations

  1. Studio fix doesn’t work well with my skin :/. It’s been yearsss since I’ve used Revlon Colorstay, will be revisiting that and well the L’Oréal True Match is my staple. I use my Esteē Lauder Nutritious sometimes but I honestly don’t like how it photographs with flash but it has a nice light coverage for during the day, not the most fantastic for oily skin though.

  2. I am a makeup junkie and I have tried quite a few. My top two is Estée Lauder double wear (SPF 10) and Avon Ideal flawless (SPF 15). One for special occasions and one for everyday use. These are liquid but some good powders I have used include Black Opal oil absorbing pressed powder, Revlon nearly naked and Mac studio fix pressed powder. The top 3 make up purchases I wish never happened are: 1. Sacha oil control finishing powder ( undertones too orange ).
    2. Artistry mineral foundation (undertones pink) 3. Cover girl oil control liquid foundation (sits on the skin and makes pores more visible)

  3. I’ve tried all three and sadly, I don’t think I can make any a staple. I have tremendously oily skin. The Revlon Color Stay left me looking ashy but I won’t mind trying it in another shade. Still looked oily during the day, no matte finish.
    I am now trying the L’Oreal True Match and while it seems to match my complexion well, I’m completely disappointed. In no time, I look like I am not wearing anything and not in the good way.
    As for the MAC Studio Fix, I was unimpressed especially after being hyped by those who swear by MAC. I will admit though that I tried that a while ago when I had less knowledge about make up application so I may want to try it again.
    Thus far, the only foundation that provides wonderful coverage is Black Opal. Unfortunately, it tends to be oily and there is easy transference (think about touching papers with your fingers after they mistakenly touch your face or wearing white). I keep trying other foundations but as a safe back up, Black Opal is good to have. Plus, the price is great for something that lasts so long (I use the stick)
    I’m still experimenting and on the hunt. I’m yet to try Fashion Fair and Iman. I read above of the Avon so I may try that next 🙂

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