A Caribbean Girl’s Christmas Fashion Essentials

Hello beauties,

This month I’ll be writing Christmas themed blogs because Christmas comes once a year and it’s time to celebrate in style (pun intended).We’re talking fashion in this blog post because we all have those Christmas staff parties, dinners and limes to attend but with the hustle and bustle of the season we’re faced with the dilemma of “what to wear”.Here are a few wardrobe essentials for the season. Hopefully these will make your lives a little bit easier.

Little Black or Red Dress

Worried about what to wear to that staff party ? Want to look classy but yet sexy try a LBD or a LRD.These dresses come in variety of styles. My personal favourite is the lace dress because it reminds me of that timeless classic beauty.


Strappy Sandals


Give the pumps a rest and go for a strappy sandal this holiday season. Strappy sandals can be dressed up for nighttime and dressed down with jeans depending on the occasion.

Dazzling Clutches


There is something about the holidays that screams glitz and glamour.A sparkling clutch is the perfect accessory to add some glamour to your look for the holidays.

Statement Necklaces


 Statement necklaces can be used to accessorize simple outfits and to add that special “wow factor” to any outfit for the holiday season.

What are your Christmas fashion essentials? Comment below

Until next time




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