Get Fit and Healthy in 2015 : Top 5 tips

Hey beauties,


Happy New Year and Happy 2015. Now I’m not one to focus too much on New Year resolutions but I do believe in goal setting. One of my main goals this year is to maintain and improve the results I achieved fitness – wise last year. This year I want to continue to transform my body into my “dream body”. I also know many of you are in Carnival mode and want to whip your bodies into shape. My advice is to do so in the most healthy way possible and we all know crash dieting and starving ourselves is not the best way. I’ve compiled top 5 to help you achieve your fitness goals in 2015.

Tip 1 : Write down your fitness goals


As with any goal it is important to write it down to stay focused. I recommend writing this goal down on a post-it and placing it on your mirror.

Tip 2: Create a fitness vision board

2015-01-10 12.26.43

The purpose of this board is to encourage you to remain focused. It should also be placed somewhere where it can be seen on a daily basis. Cut out pictures,quotes,recipes or anything you need to help motivate you to your goal. Take before and after pictures as well and place it on the board.

2015-01-10 13.47.10

Also with technology vision boards can be done digitally for laptops and smart phones. I currently use this free app from

Tip 3: Create meal plans


I intend to do a full post on meal planning but trust me ,meal planning will take away 75% of the stress of eating healthy. Purchase your tupperware and set aside a day to plan your meals for the week, I like Sundays for this. Plan every meal,from breakfast to dinner. Freeze these meals and stick to eating these healthy meals for the week.

Tip 4: Enjoy your workouts


Life is too short not to enjoy what you’re doing on a daily basis. Find a workout routine which not only works for your body type but what you enjoy. This month I’ve added early morning yoga to my workout routine and I must say I’m loving it so far. I can choose to do a yoga workout for as short as 30 mins and I feel less stressed and more flexible for the rest of the day which also prepares me for my afternoon workout. So smile when you burn those calories.

Tip 5: Cheat !!!


Yes I said it …Cheat ! This may be the only instance where I condone cheating but let’s face it, we’re only human and being human means we sometimes crave unhealthy yummy food. Whether it be pizza, ice cream or chocolate, I say cheat but with everything in life do so in moderation. It makes absolutely no sense to eat clean all week to then overindulge on the weekend. Cheat smart and cheat in moderation.

Do you have any fitness goals for 2015? Any tips for staying healthy? Comment below 

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