Guest Post : What to pack for the road by De Lujo Bags by Jhodi

So you getting ready to leave the house Carnival Monday morning to make yuh name on the streets of Port of Spain but yuh not sure if you have everything you need apart from the costume yuh have on.

For the average female masquerader, it is hard to function on the road all day without these Top 7 Essentials.

  1. Sunblock.Now before you leave home you must put on some sunblock even before you fully get dressed and have your make up done, but you need to take some with you on the road to re-apply during the day. We won’t want you to end up three times your regular complexion Ash Wednesday.
  2. Lipstick/lip gloss. It is hard to re do a full face of makeup on the road while having a time with your friends (hopefully before you left home you remembered to use some fix it spray to keep your face intact).However, a pop of colour to the lips can brighten up your entire face, so walk with your lipstick.
  3. Blotting paper. You on the road whole day in the hot sun, so you bound to buss a sweat. But for some of us, when the cameras are around, we’re hiding because our face looking lil greasy. Walk with a pack of blotting paper to blot the oil off of your face so that you don’t have to hide from the camera man who passing or duck the videographers when you crossing the stage.
  4. Vex money. Always have that emergency money incase of anything. We don’t want you to be stranded on the road Monday or Tuesday night after you’ve finished having a good time and you’ve lost your crew. Have that extra cash in the event that you have to take a taxi.
  1. Cellphone/substitute phone known as a “me too”. Don’t leave home without your phone on a full battery.Carnival Monday and Tuesday many people leave their “bess” phones at home aka their Samsung, iPhone, HTC or  brand name smartphones at home and walk with a “me too” aka Blu phone.
  2. Wet wipes/tissue. Sometimes when you have to use a public washroom there may be no paper to clean up afterwards. Ensure that you have some wet wipes or tissue in the occasion that you find yourself stranded in a toilet without any.
  3. Hand Sanitizer. I like to keep my hands nice and clean, even without having access to water. So walk with some hand sanitizer in case you can’t access any water. Getting sick after Carnival from germs u pick up is not a good way to end the Carnival season. So even if you don’t have access to water, keep your hands clean by sanitizing.

de lujo pics

So you need all the things mentioned above but where are you going to put them? Walking with a cute Carnival bag to strap across your body or around your wrist to hold all these essentials can make things a lot easier. Luckily for you De Lujo Bags can provide you with the perfect bags for the road to hold everything you need to take you throughout the day.

de lujo 3

Check out De Lujo Bags by Jhodi on Facebook to order your customized bag for the road 🙂



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