Hello Beauties,

Happy New Year everyone ! We made it ! I hope that this year is filled with many blessings. May you have a beautiful 2014.


It’s a new year and I know everyone is setting goals and resolutions and a very popular one for most women is to get fit. I’ve always made the commitment to get fit in 2014. To do this I’ve decided to commit to a lifestyle plan ( diet just sounds too restricting to me) which includes the foods that I will eat as well as my exercise routine.This post will focus on my healthy eating plan. If you are interested in getting a copy of the detailed plan that I will be following please send me an email request at To keep this post concise however, I will include a synopsis of the plan I will be following as well as some useful tips.

Daily Meal Plan 

Breakfast : Eggs / Fruits/ Oats/ Smoothies

Snacks : Almonds/ Cashews/Fruits

Lunch : White Meat ( grilled, baked or steamed) with vegetables

Dinner : White Meat ( grilled,baked or steamed) with vegetables


* Make a list of all the unhealthy food you love and find healthy substitutes for them. For example substitute sweets for fruits such as grapes and pineapples.Substitute ice cream for yogurt etc.

* Beware of alcohol. Personally I will only be consuming red wine.

* If you like juices like me try drinking fresh squeezed juices , aloe vera juice and coconut water.

* Limit salt, sugar and oil

Stay tuned for more posts in this series ” Get Fit in 2014″ . My next post will be my exercise routine 🙂

Until next time beauties




Hello Beauties,

I’ve recently been doing some research on supplements to include in my diet. I also want to improve the appearance of my skin and the health of my hair from the inside. Take a look below at the supplements I take . Feel free to add what you take in the comments section below 🙂

I take a multi-vitamin called Ladytone Bio-Formula. I was advised by a pharmacist that this was good so I gave it a try. It is very small in size and is in capsule form which is an important factor to me when purchasing vitamins . I have a fear of choking on those huge tablets so I only take small tablets or capsules lol.


I also take Biotin. Biotin promotes skin and hair health. Biotin is known to break you out so I only take one tablet a day. So far I’ve had no breakouts ,so I will gradually increase the dosage over the next couple of weeks, the instructions state that you can take (1) to (5) tablets a day.


I take Vitamin C ,not only is it good for the skin it also helps the immune system. It definitely has helped me fight off many colds since I’ve started to take it on a daily basis.


I take Lecithin which is good for protecting your liver from accumulating fat .


I take Omega 3-6-9 which has numerous benefits such as improving cardio vascular health.


Until next time




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