Hello Beauties ,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I hope that everyone is having a blast and a half lol. I’ve been having a quiet holiday so far,eating all the wrong things that I am going to regret later lol. I know I am very late with this blog post but considering that it is almost a week before New Years I’m hoping that it will still be helpful.

Let’s get to it then ūüôā

N.B I tried to recommend affordable makeup brands that I have tried to help out my budget friendly beauties.

The Red Lip

¬†I think the red lip can be rocked all year round but it definitely adds that extra sexy for the season. My favourite red lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Woo because I adore matte red lips. This lipstick looks absolutely beautiful on every skin tone.

Other brands to try :Arista, Jordanna , NYX and LA Girl


Golden Cheeks

I think golden cheeks looks great on every skin tone. It gives that youthful highlight which accentuates your cheekbones.This look can be done using a bronzer or a highlighter of your choice. I’m currently using this one by KleanKolor and it can be used to highlight the brow bone as well.

Other brands to try : M.A.C , E.L.F and Milani


Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner is a fun product that can also be used all year round. I like to use eyeliners which are shades of blue and green for the holiday season. My favourite brand to use for this look is NYX .

Other brands to try : L.A Colours , Milani and LA Girl


Winged Eyeliner

I prefer to do the winged eyeliner look using either gel or liquid liners. I also find that a felt tip eyeliner gives me the most control.¬†I’m currently interchanging between ¬†NYX , Jordanna and Black Radiance. I think the¬†winged eyeliner paired with the red lip is instant glam.

Other brands to try : M.A.C , LA Girl, L’oreal , Maybelline


Shimmered Eyeshadow

I think the shimmered eyes are especially lovely for New Years Eve .You can use almost every shade of shimmer available (not at once ) lol . I love the look of gold and silver shimmer for the holidays. My favourite brand to use for this look is NYX but almost every makeup brand offers shimmered eyeshadows.


Until next time beauties





Hey Beauties,

I treated myself to some goodies this week from ¬†Wonderful World. I was also excited to try the new makeup line ” City Color” after watching¬†this video¬†. Check out the video and take a look at my purchases below. Leave a comment if you have tried any of many new buys ūüôā .NB * All prices are in TTD*


Waterproof Cosmetic Bag : $18


Kleancolor Double Addiction and Sharpener in Topaz :$10


L.A Colors Advanced Growth Garlic Nail Treatment : $16


Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat : $43


City Color’s lipstick/lipgloss in red and pink (there are no names on the product) : $10 each


City Color’s SLIM Eyeshadow compact in Collection 4 : $15


Ponytail holders ( I like this kind because they do not rip out my hair ) :$15

photo-9 photo-10

Orly’s nail polish in Passion Fruit :$42 and Orly’s Bonder Basecoat :$28


Jordanna Easyshine liptint in Watermelon Juice : $18

That’s it for my haul I’m excited to review all products so please stay tuned to my blog :). Also¬†like us on¬†Facebook¬†for product swatches and more.

Until next time



Hello lovelies,

I have a confession . I lost my virginity , my MAC virginity lol. Last month I went to the MAC store in¬†Westmall¬†with one of my girlfriends. ¬†She is a certified makeup junkie so I knew that she would be ¬†the perfect person to take along with me . Initially, I decided that I would only purchase two items ( foundation and concealer ), but I have to admit the sales strategy got to me …it got me y’all lol. As a marketing student I should have known better but as a shopaholic I fell for it hook , line and sinker . So let me just give a synopsis of what happened. I walked in , they sat me down and I looked fabulous afterwards . Let me just say that I wanted every product used on my face ¬†(the only thing I didn’t purchase was the makeup artist lol. )Sigh . Despite the hefty bill , I felt that this was an investment and the products have definitely made a huge difference in my makeup routine. I definitely believe in the mantra¬†‘Look good , Feel good’ .

MAC Spiked ( Eyebrow Pencil)


I have been searching for the perfect eyebrow pencil and when the makeup artist at MAC used¬†Spiked¬†on me I instantly fell in love with it . I have been using it for the past month and it is definitely easy to use and matches my eyebrow hair perfectly . One tip for using this pencil is ¬†that this is NOT like the typical retractable pencils as it does not retract down , once you retract it up that’s it!

MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW43


I also picked up what I went in the store initially for lol , the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation . Now the first thing I noticed with this product is that it covered up all my skin imperfections . Honestly there is no need for any concealer with this product . Another thing I noticed is that my shade was not what I expected. I honestly expected to be in the NC family but it seems that I am in the NW family. Upon doing research I found out that NC stands for Neutral Cool and is for skin which has a slight golden glow and NW is for skin which is Neutral Warm , pink beige skin. Now in retrospect when I was born my mother said that I had pink skin so I am still unsure . I plan to ask the MUA at MAC at my next visit . Also when applying this foundation , to me it takes a while to settle and blend into my skin not like my Revlon Colorstay (Caramel) foundation which blends instantly . Here is a pic of me with the foundation applied and as you can see it does eventually blend in.


I also purchased two types of concealers  Studio Finish Spf 35 Concealer . I use this for my eyebrows and I got the Select Moisturecover Concealer in NW 35 for my skin imperfections and under my eyes .



I also purchased the Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in dark. This has to be my absolute favorite product in this haul. This product makes my skin glow . I love love love this product ! Best powder I have ever used.


Finally I got two lipsticks . The ever popular Ruby Woo  which is a matte red lipstick and a lovely fuchsia lipstick from their supreme sheen line called Zen Rose.

Ruby Woo


 Zen Rose


Until next time lovelies

Hello lovelies ,

I recently purchased a couple makeup essentials from Halener Rustique which is a Trinidadian based beauty company . Orders can be made on Facebook and the company offers a wide variety of products from popular makeup  and beauty brands such as Coastal Scents , E.L.F , NYX ,Urban Decay and Bath and Body Works.

Now the items I purchased , I have been wanting for a while and I was absolutely pleased with the quick and efficient service offered by the company ( for a small fee my purchases were delivered to my office the next day) .

I ordered :

1. NYX Blush ( Cinnamon)-  Exceptional pay off

2.¬†ELF’s Eyebrow Kit ( Dark)¬†–¬†Great for defining your eyebrows

3.¬†The Beauty Sponge¬†–¬†A dupe to the beauty blender ,gives you a flawless finish

4.¬†Rice Powder¬†–¬†Great for my combination skin , used only in my t-zone


Definitely check out Halener Rustique for all your beauty needs

Until next time




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