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My Small Makeup and Skincare Haul

Hey beauties,

I’ve recently purchased a couple much needed beauty and skin care items. I’ll start with skin care. These items were purchased at Starlite Drugs. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately. Partly due to poor diet choices and largely due to stress. So I’ve made an effort to get rid of those factors but I’ve also decided to re-vamp my entire skin care routine. I truly believe that some products just don’t work for your skin, so sometimes we need to try something new. So far I’ve been seeing great results from these products. My breakouts have lessened and my skin feels great. Another key thing I have done for my skin is resume my monthly facials. I’ve found that this is ideal in maintaining the health of your skin.



1. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser (with Salicylic Acid)

2. Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub (with Salicylic Acid)

3. Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

I also visited Wonderful World to pick up a couple makeup items.

2014-11-02 15.10.1020141102_150806

  • L.A Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in Plum.I love this product so far and I’m definitely going to get the other colors in the collection.It gives you the look of a lip gloss whilst keeping your lips moisturized.

2014-11-02 15.10.352014-11-02 15.12.56

  •  City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Lana. My new obsession is Matte Lipsticks so I’m also working on building my matte lipstick collection. What is better than a lipstick that doesn’t move? lol


2014-11-02 15.12.24-2

  • L.A Girl Pro Concealer HD in Fawn and Toffee. Ok these foundations live up to the hype and for the cost I’d say it’s an amazing product. I’ve stopped using my M.A.C concealers because I honestly think these are better.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts….comment below 🙂

Until next time




Introducing Makeup by Michol

Hey beauties,

This blog features a talented, up and coming makeup artist based in Trinidad and Tobago. I asked her to give me some insight on her style of makeup so that my readers can get to know her on a more personal level. Please check out her Facebook page here and feel free to contact her to get your makeup done. Continue reading below for more 🙂


My Approach to Makeup


“To look like yourself or better, is my style of makeup. My love for makeup stems from reading magazines and watching television and loving maybe just one aspect of a person’s face with makeup, maybe how their eyeliner looked, the shine from a lip-gloss or a slight shimmer on the lid.

When I decided that I wanted to venture into the world of the professional MUA, I sought training from Yvonne Popplewell in 2005. I thought I needed some sort of formal training to be able to not just do makeup on myself, but on others. She taught me the basic principles of contouring and the importance of blending.



Contouring is not always to be used I believe, it’s a correcting process for maybe a slight( what some people may call a flaw) in their features. To reduce a long chin or to add definition to a round face, or slim the forehead down etc. As well it has it’s uses in theatrical makeup.


I have always noticed that beauty makeup for magazines and fashion editorials are either highly theatrical or never too complicated. For technique purposes in trying to recreate magazine looks, I started to look not just at the products used in the shoot, but also at the makeup artist. Researching makeup artists lets you know who is in demand and why they are in demand, which drills down to their techniques.

One thing that stood out to me, was how natural most subjects looked, the pros usually don’t over contour, or at least make it invisible to the untrained eye. Everything in beauty makeup is subtle. The over contoured trend we see today, is just that, a fad, and some people think you are not a real makeup artist if you don’t do makeup that way, when in reality the real art of makeup is using the same principles of contouring to create a flawless look.


My approach is never to be perfect or to change someone’s appearance, I believe less can be so much more, I also believe more is more, but in a certain context as well. But to me, the sexiest makeup is a bit worn off, when it’s about self-expression and when you do you. Makeup is playful, its fun, it’s never serious. I always want to make a client look the best they can, and that is by understanding the skin, and face shape and using products and creating textures, that do just that.”

Thanks again Michol for this great post 🙂

Please stay tuned to next week’s blog post : “How to Rock A Bold Lip”  by Makeup by Michol

Until next time



Holiday Makeup Must Haves

Hello Beauties ,

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I hope that everyone is having a blast and a half lol. I’ve been having a quiet holiday so far,eating all the wrong things that I am going to regret later lol. I know I am very late with this blog post but considering that it is almost a week before New Years I’m hoping that it will still be helpful.

Let’s get to it then 🙂

N.B I tried to recommend affordable makeup brands that I have tried to help out my budget friendly beauties.

The Red Lip

 I think the red lip can be rocked all year round but it definitely adds that extra sexy for the season. My favourite red lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Woo because I adore matte red lips. This lipstick looks absolutely beautiful on every skin tone.

Other brands to try :Arista, Jordanna , NYX and LA Girl


Golden Cheeks

I think golden cheeks looks great on every skin tone. It gives that youthful highlight which accentuates your cheekbones.This look can be done using a bronzer or a highlighter of your choice. I’m currently using this one by KleanKolor and it can be used to highlight the brow bone as well.

Other brands to try : M.A.C , E.L.F and Milani


Coloured Eyeliner

Coloured eyeliner is a fun product that can also be used all year round. I like to use eyeliners which are shades of blue and green for the holiday season. My favourite brand to use for this look is NYX .

Other brands to try : L.A Colours , Milani and LA Girl


Winged Eyeliner

I prefer to do the winged eyeliner look using either gel or liquid liners. I also find that a felt tip eyeliner gives me the most control. I’m currently interchanging between  NYX , Jordanna and Black Radiance. I think the winged eyeliner paired with the red lip is instant glam.

Other brands to try : M.A.C , LA Girl, L’oreal , Maybelline


Shimmered Eyeshadow

I think the shimmered eyes are especially lovely for New Years Eve .You can use almost every shade of shimmer available (not at once ) lol . I love the look of gold and silver shimmer for the holidays. My favourite brand to use for this look is NYX but almost every makeup brand offers shimmered eyeshadows.


Until next time beauties