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My Small Makeup and Skincare Haul

Hey beauties,

I’ve recently purchased a couple much needed beauty and skin care items. I’ll start with skin care. These items were purchased at Starlite Drugs. My skin has been breaking out a lot lately. Partly due to poor diet choices and largely due to stress. So I’ve made an effort to get rid of those factors but I’ve also decided to re-vamp my entire skin care routine. I truly believe that some products just don’t work for your skin, so sometimes we need to try something new. So far I’ve been seeing great results from these products. My breakouts have lessened and my skin feels great. Another key thing I have done for my skin is resume my monthly facials. I’ve found that this is ideal in maintaining the health of your skin.



1. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser (with Salicylic Acid)

2. Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub (with Salicylic Acid)

3. Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

I also visited Wonderful World to pick up a couple makeup items.

2014-11-02 15.10.1020141102_150806

  • L.A Colors Chunky Lip Pencil in Plum.I love this product so far and I’m definitely going to get the other colors in the collection.It gives you the look of a lip gloss whilst keeping your lips moisturized.

2014-11-02 15.10.352014-11-02 15.12.56

  •  City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Lana. My new obsession is Matte Lipsticks so I’m also working on building my matte lipstick collection. What is better than a lipstick that doesn’t move? lol


2014-11-02 15.12.24-2

  • L.A Girl Pro Concealer HD in Fawn and Toffee. Ok these foundations live up to the hype and for the cost I’d say it’s an amazing product. I’ve stopped using my M.A.C concealers because I honestly think these are better.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts….comment below 🙂

Until next time




How to get rid of Blackheads and Whiteheads at Home !

Hey beauties,

It’s officially carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago and the season comes with numerous fetes and events . With the age of social media and selfies , the spotlight is placed on our skin now more than ever . Instead of using makeup to hide our skin imperfections, let’s make an effort to get rid of them . One particular skin issue that is quite popular with ladies are the dreaded blackheads and whiteheads . We all hate them and we want to get rid of them for good. After much research and battling  with this problem myself ,I’ve created a list of some effective ways of getting rid of them at home. One point that I need to make is that these tips should be followed regularly. Don’t expect them to disappear after doing it once. There are no magic remedies well at least , no magic at home remedies that I know off.So let’s get started.

Tip 1: Steam your face once a week. Steaming your face is going to open your pores and let the impurities out. I like to add salt to my pot of hot water before I steam but you can add any essential oils which will also help to clear your sinuses. Steaming your face will also give you a glowy complexion.


Tip 2: After steaming , use a comedone extractor. I bought mine at Pennywise Cosmetics in Trinidad but this tool can easily be ordered online.It is really inexpensive. Please remember that it is essential to be gentle with your skin. Do not use extreme force or else it will cause damage and make the situation worse.


Tip 3: Use aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is great for calming the skin . It is a tradition for caribbean people to grow fresh aloe vera in their gardens, but if you do not have access to the aloe plant you can always use Fruit of the Earth’s Aloe Vera gel (purchased at SuperPharm) or any other brand but please be sure to check the ingredients.Ensure that it is 100% aloe vera gel.


Tip 4: Use a face brush . I have recently stopped using my fingers alone to wash my face. I’ve found that the brush cleans my face much better and the evidence is shown when I use a cotton pad to tone my face. The cotton pad comes out clean lol . So i’m sticking to the brush. My brush is an old Homedics brush my mother bought a long time ago, but you can easily purchase one online.


Tip 5: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate .You can use natural ingredients such as sugar, oatmeal and baking soda . The ever popular St I’ves Apricot Scrub is also a favourite because it is very gentle. Remember not to over exfoliate your skin. Every other day, at night is perfect depending on the condition of your skin.


I really hope that these tips are useful and if you have any more tips for me to try , please comment below 🙂

Until next time