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5 Natural Ways to Treat Sunburn


Hey beauties,

When we think of the Caribbean , we think sun , sea and sand….. which is great for the beach , pool and lounging on a yacht but can be damaging to our skin. Spending too much time in the sun without skin protection in one day can not only cause long term damage but can cause the dreaded and painful sunburn.Remember no matter the colour of your skin if it is exposed to direct sunlight it is still at risk of getting skin cancer, discoloration and wrinkles. This is why sunblock is so important .But just in case you’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun ,here are 5 natural ways to treat and soothe your sunburnt skin.

1. Witch Hazel


Witch Hazel has anti inflammatory properties and will provide temporary relief to affected areas.

2. Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera gel will soothe the affected areas and ease pain and peeling.

3. Fat Free Milk


Soak a cloth with milk and cold water and apply to soothe affected areas.



Wrap oatmeal in a cloth and soak in cool water for 5 mins. Discard the liquid and the oats and apply to soothe affected areas.

5. Yogurt


Apply plain yogurt to soothe affected areas for 10 mins. Rinse off and pat dry.

Until next time