Le Flamboyant Hotel , Margarita

In April of this year , my girlfriends and I embarked on an Easter trip to Margarita Island , Venezuela.  Now Margarita Island is the largest island off of  Venezuela’s coast  and is prime tourist destination as it is populated with numerous hotels and possess Caribbean style beaches. We booked our all inclusive trip via Krystal Tours and paid a total of $3075 TTD ($473 USD). This all inclusive price included : airfare, accommodation , food, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages,  snacks , airport transfers and transportation to the flea markets, shopping centres, malls etc.

I will write this review in 3 categories- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Let’s start with the good first : ).

The Good

Each day there were  fun activities during the day and entertainment at night to keep the guests entertained. I took part in the darts competition and actually didn’t come last lol and two of my friends competed in the “dance” competition. Unfortunately despite my friend’s best ‘wining’ efforts , the biased crowd chose a Colombian woman as the ultimate “dancer” . My friends were still rewarded with two bottles of liquor for their participation  :). Besides the entertainment, all meals were served on time and the staff was generally polite to us, the only English speakers at the hotel. The rooms were clean and tastefully decorated.

The Bad

There was one bartender in particular who was a bit rude to us and didn’t seem to care about our drink requests. On the topic of drinks , the variety of drinks was very limited, there was just so much strawberry daquiri’s , pina colada and gin and juice we could drink . Another bad, was that the majority of the staff did not speak any English whatsoever, but we did our best with our Spanish dictionaries and smart phone apps to communicate with them.

The Ugly

Although the pool was nice , the jacuzzi was extremely cold . Too cold in the day and well obviously freezing at night. Secondly there were unwanted guests at breakfast and lunch in the form of black birds. Now I have a serious fear of black birds after experiencing their wrath ,so I was displeased that there were so many birds there during these meal times. The birds clearly had no fear of humans as they were even seen eating off of some of the guests’ plates. That was an extreme turn off for me .

These are my ratings for the hotel below :

Food : 3/5

Cleanliness: 3/5

Entertainment and Activities:4/5

Service :2.5/5

Overall Experience : 2.5/5 – Honestly I will not visit this hotel again. Well not for that price :p

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